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In januari is het al zover: de Transandes Challenge 2012!
Een korte preview van de organisatie over de wedstrijd:

The TransAndes Challenge is unquestionably a test of physical strength and mental determination. (For elite racers and for amateurs racers you can raced at your own pace).

This unique mountain bike race is located in the heart of the stunning Patagonian Andes Mountains.

There will be a maximum of 250 spots, if they choose to accept the challenge, will race on single-tracks, jeep roads and technical terrain beginning in Panguipulli and finishing in Pucón, Chile. The six stages will ride from 60 to 100 kilometers per day. And we will go through 6 amazing Volcanos, and 10 incredible lakes in the heart of Andes Mountains.

The race will take place from January 23th to January 28th of 2012.

The TransAndes Challenge is open to 12 categories for team and single riders. The minimum age for participation is 18. The riders of each team must remain together at all times during the race. If, at any point, riders separate by more than one minute the team will receive a penalty.

Most of the six stages will begin at 9:30 am, but this starting time could be changed by the organization, this information will be provided to the riders at the race meeting during the dinner of the previous day. All the riders are expected to reach the finish line by 16:00 daily. The stages will include breakfast, lunch and dinner, and on stage six there will be a traditional Chilean barbecue.

The TransAndes Challenge is organized as a wilderness mountain bike race, where participants sleep in tent villages that are set up prior to their arrival and broken down inmediately. But there are also thermal pools on each campsite available for all the riders. Participants will experience a temperamental mountain climate and the extreme physical challenges that come with racing the Andes.